8 ideas on how to increase online sales

funnel2go 8 ideas on how to increase online sales



You practically have only 3 possible solutions to increase sales or revenues:

  1. Gain more customers
  2. Sell more to existing customers
  3. Raise the price

Taken from Jay Abraham. His book “Getting Everything You Can Out of All You’ve Got” is pure gold.


PROBLEM: Poor choice for demanding customers

SOLUTION: Expand the offer or add more related products

ATTENTION: Do not add more products just to expand the offer. This can greatly complicate the business itself. You can get lost in logistics. In case you are selling from another warehouse (dropshipping), this is not an obstacle because it does not burden your business.


PROBLEM: The existing website is too extensive, general, and unfocused.

SOLUTION: Landing Page

  • A landing page is a special web page about a single product or service and is focused on selling.
  • An opt-In page is an extremely simple website with a strong magnet for entering your email (free PDF book, video, etc.)
  • Building an e-mail database is a foundation that every business should have.


PROBLEM: Is our landing page maximally responsive among people?

SOLUTION: Split test. Testing various conceptual solutions. The basic rules of how to build a landing page already exist, but no one can guarantee that your site is optimal. So you have to experiment. What does that mean?

Make a basic Landing Page and then its various options. Let’s say you have 3 versions.

  • The first Landing Page shows your product or service in writing through pictures.
  • The second Landing page displays the product in the form of a video.
  • The third Landing Page shows your product in pictures and video format.

Offer to the market and let your site visitors choose the best one.

The landing page with the most orders is the winner.


PROBLEM: The customer buys your product, and here the story ends.

SOLUTION: Upsell. The customer is offered an additional product or service to purchase.

  • Upsell can increase your revenue by up to 30% at no extra cost.
  • This is what most entrepreneurs overlook
  • They make a basic offer. The customer buys. They take the customer to the thank you page and send a thank you email and the story ends. This is a mistake.
  • We need to be aware that not all customers are the same when they come to our website. Some will be happy with the free offer. Others want more. Offer them.
  • With just a simple upsell, you can increase your revenue by a few tens of percent at no extra cost.


PROBLEM: A customer wants to buy for $ 2000. But he only bought it for $ 500 because we didn’t give him an extra offer. The customer buys the rest elsewhere.

SOLUTION: Sales Funnels. We offer customers several products. The purchase increases to $ 2000.

Sales funnels are a sequence of upsells. We systematically guide the customer through various upsells. Again, these are pure statistics. A certain number of customers will go through all the upsells.

  • It usually starts with some mini offers. Let’s say a free book if you pay postage. Once you accept and order it, you are taken on to a video seminar, group workshops, inner circle (private groups), etc.
  • The customer started with a $ 10 purchase and ended with $ 2,000.


PROBLEM: Sending emails manually is a waste of time

SOLUTION: Email autoresponder software

  • Autoresponder is a software that collects e-mail addresses in the database. And then it systematically sends pre-prepared e-mail offers or notifications according to a schedule.
  • There is a huge offer on the market: Aweber, Mailchimp, Sendinblue, etc. They all work on a monthly subscription basis.
  • The problem is that it can become quite a cost for an entrepreneur over time. The more emails you collect in your database, the more you will pay.
  • E-mail marketing must be an integral part of every entrepreneur’s business. If you don’t use it, you are losing a bunch of money and new customers.


PROBLEM: The customer who subscribes to your newsletter is not your customer yet.

SOLUTION: Dedicated emails that “soften” your subscriber and turn it into your customer.

  • Email marketing is meant to get people to know you and your business. E-mail marketing turns a “cold” subscriber into a potential customer.
  • Once a customer subscribes to your newsletter, it is necessary to start sending occasional value-added e-mails. The first three, four emails must have some added value. The fourth or fifth email contains a purchase offer. ETC.
  • The entrepreneur must prepare a certain number of e-mails with added value and special offers in advance. The letters are then sent automatically by the autoresponder.


PROBLEM: The website is of a general nature. It does not offer any purchase.

SOLUTION: It is necessary to add a mini online store to the website

  • Research your business and add a couple of items that the customer can buy directly on your website.
  • The matter is simple. If a store exists, you will sell. If it doesn’t, there will be no sale. Give customers an extra purchase option.
  • Observe revenues on an annual basis. One such mini store can bring you a couple of thousand dollars or a couple of tens of thousands of dollars of additional revenue per year. Depends on what you are selling.
  • Remember… Amazon is an online store.

Give yourself a chance

  • In the end, I would say, give yourself a chance. Use our demo version, do your first upsell, and in a month, of course, if you have traffic to your website, you should already be seeing some more sales.
  • If you are not in the internet world, but you like the ideas I have presented, send me an email with your web page and I will see if we can help you with your business.
  • Let your business grow and prosper.