Small business owner?

Welcome To Funnel2go

Business solutions for all kind of businesses. It doesn’t matter if you are a plumber, electrician, affiliate marketer, hypnotist, or a chiropractor. You can use the sales funnels. Let us help you to increase your business. With Funnel2go everything is as easy as Coffee to go!


We wanted to increase our online sales (2017). A sales funnel was an obvious choice, but we wanted several tools under one roof. We couldn’t find it, so we built one. We doubled our business for practically no excessive additional costs.


We decided to offer our business solutions to the public. If it worked for us, it should work for you, too. Funnel2Go was built from scratch using our online experience. Therefore, it’s a bit different than other platforms. So don’t be shy – we’re open to (the right) suggestions!


This year (2020) after implementing the email autoresponder for email marketing, we decided not to add any new features. We’ll concentrate on polishing the existing ones. It’s a lot to do. But you’ll like it. 

A few words from our CEO

Hi! My name is Božidar, and I’m a hypnotherapist. After years of successful work, I found myself with 15 websites and a bunch of manual work – from sending emails to creating various offers, news, etc. Even though I have co-workers, things started to get out of hand. The idea was to simplify as much as possible. We tried various apps, but they were all too complicated, and it got even more expensive. We started developing Funnel2Go based on our own needs. The idea was to automate and make the most of our existing websites as much as possible. Even today, most entrepreneurs use their websites only to present the company. Why? Instead, automate your websites! Let them do most of your work. They’re meant for that. Let your website collect emails, send offers, sell your items or services, and all the rest – automatically. Take advantage of modern technology! Funnel2Go allows you to do that. I’d be pleased to help you along your path to business success.

Meet the team!


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