Funnel2go – How to do Split Test

AB split testSplit Test in the Funneltogo

If you prefer video, you can find it here  SPLIT TEST VIDEO






Under the funnel option, choose the funnel you want to split and click scissors.

Split test



Click the arrow option.

split test 2

Select “Split“.

Split test 3

Rename the split version.

split test 4

Open the new funnel version and modify it.

split test 5

For example, you can insert a video instead of a book. After saving, you can open another version and insert for example the book and the video. And so on. You can have as many versions as you like. Don’t e exaggerate 🙂 

split test 6

Publish the funnel and after a week or two, you can check the statistics, to see how the funnels are performing.

split test 8

When you open the statistic you will see all the funnels. Open and check the performance of all split versions.

split test 9

Visits should be the same on all versions. The system will evenly distribute visits between funnels. The picture below is different because the funnels were not made at the same time. Choose the ones where the sales are the best or the most subscribed. Depending on the intention of the funnel.

split test the winner

When you publish a split test of your landing page, you’ll often be surprised. A site you didn’t even count on will work best. That’s the beauty of testing.

Go and do your Split Test.