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Hi, I’m Bozidar and I’m in a strange profession. I’m a hypnotist and a hypnotherapist, but no fear, today I’ll only use common sense, no hypnosis.

As a small entrepreneur, I had a problem communicating with my clients. I used various login forms, email autoresponders, and various programs but overall it was one big confusion. Somehow, things got out of hand.
That’s why I suggested to a programmer who had been with me all these years that we should do something simple that any small entrepreneur could use to communicate with their clients.

Whether you are a yoga instructor, electrician, plumber, or a local marketer. A Funneltogo was born (2018). We started building it step by step according to my needs. 
We have added various functionalities along the way, and today this is a useful tool that can be handy to every small entrepreneur.

And most importantly? Price! Minimum annual subscription for a tool that helps you build your sales pages with various upsells, collect customer’s emails, and spread your ideas with a build-in email autoresponder. 
All in one place. My team and I are adding new functionality daily. Finally, we added a module for creating a simple store, which can be easily implemented on your website. We have designed the program for our needs and improved it so that everyone can use it.

Below is a list of the utility of the program. But we often upgrade it. It would be a pleasure to have you on board. Keep in touch with your customers.

Utilities: landing page, opt-in page, sales funnels, PayPal, split testing, Autoresponder, email lists, your SMTP, sign-in forms, online store, iFrame function, multilingual system,…

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