Can i use the sales funnel in my business?

Can i use the sales funnels in my business?
Sales funnels are a set of dedicated and related websites that systematically guide customers through various purchases.We need to be aware of the philosophy of sales itself. What does that mean? Not all customers are the same who come to your site.One comes out of curiosity (not yet a buyer). Others come for just some small thing (free book, but they pay for the shipping). Still, others are looking for something more, in addition to the basic offer (monthly subscription to the software). etc. Therefore, these people need to be offered different products, but individually.

Usually, the products in the funnel are mutually related. Let’s say you sell mattresses. The customer comes to your website, picks a mattress, and pays. We take the customer to the so-called thank you page for making the purchase. However, we also offer her sheets on this page. If she chooses to buy, the process is repeated and a pillow is offered on the new thank you page. And so on. 

Russell Brunson, the founder of Clickfunnels, wrote in his book an interesting fact that people like to ignore or do not understand.Providing additional sales to customers is a moral obligation of businessmen.Especially if it is tied to the core product. Why? Ignoring the fact that with this step, the merchant increased his revenue, he practically did the customer a favor. Customers who bought mattresses also received a sheet and pillows in the same place. It makes sense. We save our customers money and time. 

As long as the customer needs a sheet and a pillow.We’ve started to get into sales psychology. Otherwise, this upsell process is used virtually everywhere. When we refuel, the shelves at the gas station direct us past all possible products before we reach the cash register. The customer goes to pay for gasoline. However, it comes with a newspaper, coffee, and a sandwich from the store. According to official figures, the idea has grown up in McDonald’s. In addition to the sandwich, they also offered Coca-Cola and french fries. Psychologically, they have gone so far that they don’t ask you if you want french fries at all. But instead, they ask you if you want a big or small portion.In general, the buyer’s decision should be easier.For this reason, sales funnels are simple internet sites with little or no add-ons. 

The entire site is product-focused and easy to pay.With our Funneltogo app, making sales funnels is extremely easy. With a few clicks and a dropdown system, you can easily assemble a landing page. You then connect it to your payment system (Paypal) and add a thank you page. Link it to the next sales page and so on. On each page, your customers’ emails are stored in your database.

The initial funnel is usually made up of some free offer (free pdf) for exchange of the email. And when a customer enters an email, it is taken to the sales page.We need to be aware that marketing is a matter of numbers and probability. Of the many customers who visit your site and sign up for your email, some will buy your product. The conceptions of making funnels have evolved tremendously. 

Some funnels contain video, others picture, others both. Russell Brunson, who I mentioned earlier, has the most credit for popularization. However, it is necessary to have a funnel tested and re-tested. Your idea does not necessarily have to work. But this is also the charm in making a sales funnel.

Our Funneltogo app came from my own needs. I needed funnels, but not so much as paying $ 100 or more a month. I just wanted a simple and useful tool for sales promotion and easy email marketing. And considering I’m a regular coffee to go user, the funnel to go was born. it is designed for small craftsmen and entrepreneurs who want to put together their own sales funnels without having to spend a lot of money. 

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